Our ancestors Hilda and Aleksander Mölder came to Lavi village at the start of World War II, seeking to escape from the surrounding warfare. They found refuge near the Lavi springs where they could recover and rebuild their lives. At this peaceful place, they lived as farmers in harmony with nature and forests of the Pandivere Upland.

During the Soviet times, Lavi village remained a quiet, almost forgotten place. After Estonia regained independence, our family restored the farm and cared for the surrounding landscape, including one of the Lavi springs.

Nature’s way of purifying itself is more advanced than anything mankind have come up with. Now we can share naturally pure and unprocessed Lavi water – that we have been using for many generations – with you! The discharge of the spring is millions of litres per year and we have found a way to package and preserve the natural properties of the water.

On behalf of the family of Lavi Vesi, we wish you good health!

Toivo, Tiiu, Kaj, Janno, Rita, Marian, Airi, Robin, Oliver, Erle, Laura, Aron, Maret, Anna-Liisa, Kaarel, Leevi, Martin, Alisija, Johanna, Leelo, Tiina, Markus, Ellamaria, Anna, Anne-Ly, Elina, Stefany, Gaido, Neleliis, Andrus, Allan, Robin