The first and only packaged spring water in Estonia for consumption in its natural unprocessed form

Lavi springs in Lääne-Viru County, Estonia, are famous since ancient times for having restorative and healing qualities. The significance of this ancient holy spring is marked by a nearby sacrificial stone and a holy pine tree.

We know now that Lavi spring does have all the features of the perfect drinking water as it is located in Pandivere Upland, the most significant watershed area of Estonia. Water reaches the ground by natural discharge after being organically filtered by permeable rocks, mineralised by limestone, and cleaned by sandstone.

Lavi spring water is hard to resist: it is naturally pure and refreshing, with a pleasant flavour. The content of minerals is optimal and the water is free of problematic substances like nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, and residues of other pollutants.

The pH value of Lavi spring water is 7.3, which is ideal for the body! Water with a pH lower than 7 is considered acidic, and water with a pH greater than 7 is considered alkaline. The ideal pH of blood is 7.365, that is, slightly alkaline, varying in range of 7.34 – 7.45 – just like Lavi spring water.

The content of minerals is below 0.5 g per litre, which does not burden the body with excessive salinity and gives the water its distinctive clean taste.

Mineral content of Lavi spring water:

  • Calcium (Ca2+) – 84.8 mg/L
  • Magnesium (Mg2+) – 13.0 mg/L
  • Sodium (Na+) – 6.5 mg/L
  • Chlorides (Cl) – 5.9 mg/L
  • Fluorides (F) – 0.3 mg/L
  • Sulphates – 45 mg/L
  • Bicarbonate – 264 mg/L

The mineral content of Lavi spring water supports a child’s developing body. My daughter has been drinking Lavi water almost all her life.

Anna-Liisa Kilk

I have been using Lavi spring water for years and years. My health is great and I recommend it to everyone!

Toivo Mölder

In addition to the health benefits and necessary minerals, the water is really tasty.

Harri Ingi